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A venture of Huda Health Care Ltd

Our Aesthetic Practitioners are well trained, fully confident & willing to do home visits OUR TREATMENT
Treatments & procedures are conducted safely, ethically and with great precision Our Aesthetic Practitioners are from the medical background only
Our unique platform provides continuous learning and ongoing support with an opportunity to become trainers We invite only medics to become our Aesthetic Board Members Our members even have opportunity to earn while they are learning
PRACTICE-CONNECT It is a partnership between us and practices (GP, Dentists, Clinics & Pvt Hospitals) An association determined to increase value, credibility, income and further recognition

Opportunity for practices to get trained in aesthetics, develop the local network and further train others
It is a partnership between us and local pharmacies under Huda Clinics Increased opportunity for development and advancement in pharmacy services offered Aesthetic procedures that will build the customer loyalty, footfall and business PHARMA-CONNECT
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Safe Treatments

united kingdom • since 2020
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Training and Association

united kingdom • since 2020

RevitalO is a network of fully trained & well supported aesthetic injectors across the UK.  
Huda Health Care is a sister concern of RevitalO providing level ‘x’ trainings in all the injectables to qualified medics(Only). To book our aesthetic injectors dial 0800 368 8119

The matter of fact is that aesthetic industry has lost its credibility in the UK. As CQC doesn’t regulate this industry you see numerous Quacks providing unethical treatments from their salons & rooms. Further, plenty of inadequate aesthetic courses(2 days) out there which are providing insufficient trainings in injectable aesthetics.

Currently, most of the institutes provide only 2 days crash courses which are not sufficient to learn & practice Injectables (like Botox & fillers).These techniques can’t be learnt so quickly. Even Level 7 trainings in Injectable aesthetics have its own limitations (like 5-7 days face to face sessions only)
To counter the credibility factor Revital ‘O’ in association with Huda Health Care has developed a new training model called Level ‘X’ for anyone to master injectables. This Level ‘X’ trainings are lifelong learning platforms which are continuous & supportive in delivery. 

Our injectors are well versed in all the following treatments.


2.Dermal Fillers

3.Skin Boosters

4.PRP Face

5.PRP Hair

6.Phlebotomy & Micro needling

7.Fat Dissolving Injection

8.Aesthetic Cupping Etc

Revital O
united kingdom • since 2020

our aim

Revital ‘O’ is an organisation building a network of passionate and talented aesthetic injectors called ABM(Aesthetic Board Members) from medical fraternity. A new benchmark in providing trainings in injectable treatments which are continuous and supportive in nature eventually creating highly efficient Aesthetic Board Members. Only this kind of continuous learning platforms can create efficient aesthetic practitioners thus bringing new paradigm shift to the deteriorating industry.
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  • Color & highlights

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  • Ombré Color

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    London: 9 New Road, E1 1HE

    India: 5-4-503, Abids, Hyderabad, India 500001

    0800 368 8119