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What change can our partnership bring?

While in today’s world healthcare solutions reside mainly in clinical or hospital setups, we endeavour to provide aesthetic and other healthcare solutions even at saloons, spas and barbers

Our model of early therapeutic interventions with noticeable results will bring back the satisfied customers to the salon and this will help build a new trust.

Our association can bring the following meaningful changes;

    1)Bridges the gap between salon’s customers and aesthetic practitioners

    2)No more waiting for long Aesthetic appointments.

    3) 9/5 call centre providing free aesthetic related queries to customers visiting partnered salons

    4) Aesthetic Practitioners on our network are only from the medical background

    5) Our Aesthetic Practitioners are well trained, insured, fully confident & willing to do salon visits

    6) Our regular educational zoom lectures help every barber to drive or upscale their existing business

    7) Our association will help those customers who cannot have a plastic surgery because of surgery cost, time of                   recovery and surgery complications

What is the model ?

As a value ad for every customer visiting a salon. The multi-model delivery platform of RevitalO such as free salon management software, free consultations and therapies performed at door steps, will open a new business avenue for salons.

Customers utilising free consultations from RevitalO experts whilst they are in the salon awaiting for their turn or during a long course of their salon treatments will create a unique USP(Unique selling point) for a salon.

Our experts after consultation will design the course of treatment depending upon their choices and budget. The location of the treatment can be at the salon or at the client’s place of choice as these aesthetic procedures do not need hospital or clinic setup to perform.