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Pharmaconnect is a platform developed by Huda Health Care Ltd (HHCL) to connect Aesthetic Practitioners available on both its networks RegainX and RevitalO, to local Pharmacies.

RegainX and RevitalO are two different networks of Aesthetic practitioners consisting of trained Pharmacists, GPs, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals who are willing to perform non-surgical aesthetic procedures to clients within the community, through the clinics based in pharmacies.

Through Pharmaconnect HHCL proposes to establish Huda- Aesthetic Clinics at various pharmacies.

Why RegainX or RevitalO?

We have a bank of pharmacists with various backgrounds e.g. Locum Pharmacists, Aesthetic Pharmacists, Prescribing Pharmacists and Community Pharmacists. However, they all have one thing in common. They are all well trained & supported on continuous bases which ensures continuity and same level of competency. Services include Anti Wrinkle Injections (Botox), Dermal Fillers, PRP injections, micro-needling, Fat Dissolving injections, skin booster and many more.

Clients need to feel comfortable and trust aesthetic practitioners, this is why within the recruitment process a DBS check is done, and insurance is also provided.

Why Pharmacies?

It is no secret that pharmacies are being expected to provide more services with reduced funding. HHCL wants to capitalise on this. Many services are already being provided in pharmacies through consultation rooms and now aesthetics procedures can be provided too.

Providing aesthetic procedures means a natural increase in other services already provided by pharmacies such as Minor Ailments and travel clinics. In addition to this, providing aesthetics to the public ensure continuity. A patient may pick up their regular medication and get an aesthetic procedure done at the same time.

Moving on, Pharmacies have an air of professionalism. It is regulated by Gphc and patients will feel much more comfortable getting procedures done from a HCP rather than a high street beautician. This is in contrast to the unregulated Aesthetic sector which has done damage to the reputation of aesthetic industry.

We feel that connecting our aesthetic practitioners to pharmacies within the area isn’t difficult, as both parties can benefit. Pharmacies can offer good locations for HHCL’s increasing network of Aesthetic Practitioners to perform aesthetic procedures safely, credibly and at their reliably trusted premises.

Remunerations will be provided for bringing clients to a pharmacy, all marketing support & material will be provided to the pharmacy. Customer loyalty can be achieved through regular aesthetic treatments which will result in regular medication pick up.

Additionally, HHCL can train Pharmacists to provide aesthetic procedures, which will generate income for the branch.

We can give you the best possible aesthetic training package. The philosophy of our unique training platforms can be found in our prospectus.

Additional support from HHCL

   1) EMedicard– Through this aesthetic customer of Pharmacies can avail pre and after care support for free and thus            loyalty is built

   2) BarberConnect– Through this HHCL’s marketing team will market the aesthetic services of pharmacy to local                    salons & barbers