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Practice- Connect

Practice- Connect

Partnering with GPs, Dentists & Clinics

The UK cosmetic surgery market is estimated at around £273m (US$345m) in 2017, however estimates for the non-surgical market suggest it could be worth in excess of £3bn (US$3.8bn) within the next five years.

We invite Surgeries, Dental practices, Medics-with-Clinics and NHS Trusts to connect the missing dots and become trusted aesthetic practitioners for the people of their locality. This way you help many out there who would have otherwise become victims to quacks.  Our highly qualified trainers will train you in such a way that you will be confident enough to train the others.

Training will be provided in the following and we intend to add more treatments in the future.

1)   Injectable

     a) Botox & Dermal Fillers / Bio Fillers

     b) PRP for Hair/Face

2)   Phlebotomy, micro needling

3)   Fat dissolver

4)   Skin boosters

5)   Cryotherapy

What you will get?

1)    Training on-site
2)    Online training (Multiple access)
3)    Networking with 25 local referral partners under your brand
4)    Training on new treatments (in future)
5)    ABMs, ANPs & delegates to train
6)    Insurance to train
7)    Equipment, products & consumables

8)    Accreditations under Revital ‘o’’

9)    Opportunity to deliver international webinars
10)    Opportunity for medical tourism

We will send our ANPs and ABMs to your Practice(Centre) for practicals and to gain hands-on experience in the procedures you learn from us. This way you are not only building the credibility of your own in your locality but even the aesthetic industry as a whole. Your patients will trust you more as you are just not a practitioner but even a trainer.

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